Walking and cycling

The Deventer region is one of the most popular cycling areas in the Netherlands. This is partly due to the great variety of areas, villages, and sights you will encounter in this region. Prefer to walk? Take a brisk walk on the Holterberg or blow the cobwebs away in the varied water landscape along the River IJssel.

Leave on foot for a nice walk or pedal away to explore Deventer and the surrounding countryside on a bicycle.

City Parks

The city is close to several parks, that are easy to get to from the centre, get some fresh air over here or take a walk:
In 1874 the fortress walls were demolished and the Rijsterborgherpark was constructed. A natural looking and varied park with highs and lows. In the park you will find the Bird Island (Vogeleiland), with various animal species, a charming restaurant, and regular music performances. After 100 years, this park is still very popular with the people of Deventer.

The Worpplantsoen is located on the other side of the IJssel. This park is known as the oldest public city walking park in the Netherlands! You can be there in a few minutes with the foot passenger ferry. In the park’s music dome you can enjoy music, dance and entertainment all summer long in the open air, for and by all ages.

Concert in Worpplantsoen
Concert in Worpplantsoen

Cycling and walking in the countryside

With the cycling and walking networks in the surrounding regions, you can easily map out beautiful walks. You will soon notice that the walking and cycling paths and routes are well maintained.

The following cycling and walking maps and routes are available from VVV Deventer Tourist Information, Brink 89 (Penninckshuis), or from the Deventer online shop.

Cycling along the River IJssel

Asparagus cycling route Deventer Route: 25/37/51 km. Discover and taste Salland! Step on the pedals and combine a bike ride along the IJssel and through Salland with Salland asparagus tasting. The asparagus season runs from the end of April to 24 June, but outside this period it’s also beautiful to cycle along this route. Route available for € 1.50.
Five Hanseatic rounds, Route Deventer-Zutphen-Deventer: 40 km. Cycling along the beauty and splendor of the Hanseatic cities on the River IJssel. This booklet contains six routes from various Hanseatic cities. Route available for € 1.50.

Cycling from Deventer through cycling junctions

Salland cycling network map: This popular map shows the cycling junctions between the Sallandse Heuvelrug and the river IJssel and useful tips about sights and various sample routes. Plan your own route along 520 kilometres of signposted routes. You can decide the length of the route yourself. Map available for € 5.95.
Veluwe bicycle junction map, Twente & Achterhoek: A perfect introduction to the area on the west side of Deventer. Junctions of no fewer than three recreational regions connected on one cycling map. That makes it extremely easy to explore the region by bike! Map available for € 7.95.
Vechtdal & Salland cycling map: Remains from the last ice age, catchment areas of small and large rivers and proud residents who still embrace the dialect. Discover this typical Dutch landscape with this cycling map. Explore the catchment areas of the Overijsselse Vecht, the IJssel and the bocage landscape that characterises Salland. Map available for € 9.95.
Veluwe cycling map: Do you want to discover just the Veluwe from Deventer? This map is beautifully detailed on a scale of 1:50,000. In addition to all cycling junctions, this map shows various thematic cycling routes and tips for the road. Map available for € 9.95.

Walking from Deventer

Salland walking network map: In this network, with 875 km of marked walking trails, you can map out endless walking routes using numbered route markers. These numbers are indicated on the walking map. The routes vary from 2 to 22 km. Five ready-made beautiful themed routes have already been included. Map available for € 6.95.
North-East Veluwe walking map: Characteristic for the east side of the Veluwe are the many brooks and streams, which offer beautiful routes to walk and cycle along. This walking map shows 7 of the famous Klompenpaden or Clog Trails. There are also various nature trails, adventure trails, city walks and many other walking trails, varying from 3 to 16 km. Map available for € 5.95.
Achterhoek walking network: Walk through farmyards and picturesque villages, past stately mansions and castles, over rolling hills with beautiful views. With the walking route selection system, you can easily map out routes from the 3,000 km of marked walking trails in the region and this walking map can serve as a useful aid. Map available for € 5.95.

Walking routes on estates around Deventer

Hazepad Walks: Discover the estates in the IJssel landscape with six route books, with short walks varying in length from 2 to 6 km. Walk through extensive forest areas, through the floodplains of the IJssel and across estates of the IJssel landscape, with beautifully restored country manors and farms. The booklets are available for € 2.25 each, or 6 booklets together for € 9.95.

Bicycle rental in Deventer

Didn't bring your bicycle? No problem! You can rent a bike here:
Hein van Langen Two-wheelers
TG Gibsonstraat 11
Internet: www.heinvanlangentweewielers.nl
Rozengaarderweg 1
Internet: www.murobike.nl
Location Schalkhaar: Oerdijk 46
Internet: www.ijsselbikes.nl